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Hotel Znojmo, ubytování Znojmo - Hotel Bermuda Znojmo

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We live in hectic time of advanced technologies, where the value system changes very fast. It looks like that the top of the scale of the most valued assets will soon belong to information. Ignoring the up-to-date exchange of information can endanger the very existence of many legal entities.

Nevertheless some information is too fragile to disseminate or share via the unsafe Internet and therefore personal meetings of business representatives or groups of professionals are essential. We have decided to keep up with the times and so we have prepared two fully equipped meeting halls in the hotel.

For smaller groups up to 20 persons we have a training room on the upper floor, with a small kitchen and toilet, separated by an independent entrance from the hotel. For larger business and social events we can instantly prepare premises for up to 60 persons with all necessary equipment.

Conference room I.:


  • 40 places (school organization)
  • 60 places (theater style)
  • 60 places (arrangement in the shape of a "U")
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Conference room II.:


  • 20 places (school organization)
  • 25 places (theater style)
  • 20 places (arrangement in the shape of a "U")
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Conference room III.:


  • 15 places (school organization)
  • 20 places (theater style)
  • 15 places (arrangement in the shape of a "U")
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Technical background:

  • Available in the small hall are – a large LCD TV, digital video-projector, flipchart for graphic schemes, changeable table system, advanced lighting. In the big hall we have a digital video-projector and flipchart. The difficult business meetings are usually connected with a certain level of exhaustion and then it is time to think of some relaxation, wellness and recovery of energy. In this case we can offer you sporting and leisure activities as follows:
  • Star-shape cycling trips with a guide to the Podyjí NP, or to the places of interest nearby
  • Bike hire
  • tennis courts in the near park Horní Leska
  • golf in the village of Želetice – 20km, or in Drosendorf (Austria) – 40km
  • town outdoor swimming pool Louka
  • swimming and a boat trip on the Vranov dam
  • sightseeing flights from the local airport
  • a visit to a large shopping mall Excalibur City in Hatě – 8 km
  • a visit to a wine cellar of some of the local renown wine-makers
  • entertainment in some of the exclusive casinos

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