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Hotel Znojmo, ubytování Znojmo - Hotel Bermuda Znojmo

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The completeness of offers of our services is finished by a complex of sport and relaxation activities. We can arrange for the skittle alley with four tracks in the area of Znojmo swimming pool, horse riding, tennis , squash, bowling, golf, fishing, or observation flights over Znojmo.


Thermal spa Laa an der Thaya

A modern thermal health resort and aquapark including a relaxation sport centre.That all you can find in the Austrian border town Laa an der Thaya. You can reach this former water fortress from Znojmo in a few minutes by car. The renowned spa offers thermal water with the temperature from 34 to 36 degrees of Celsius. It is open daily, except Christmas Eve, from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. The addmission fee for a grown up visitor , for three hours , is a little less than 10 Euro. Group reductions are possible.

After paying the addmission fee , most of the attraction are at your disposal. Apart from thermal pools it is possible to use a salt pool with underwater music, water gymnastics, thermal cinema, or an Asian relaxation room. Very alluring are also sauna procedures with honey and salt.Besides the attractions included in the price of the ticket, you can further on visit solariums, massages, cosmetic parlour, health wrappings, or manicure and pedicure. There is a parkplace for 450 cars in front of the premises. Parking is free of charge.


Shopping mall Freeport and Excalibur

The shopping and amusement mall on the Czech - Austrian border in Hatě, not far from Znojmo, permanently attracts thousands of shoppers every week. A complex of shops, restaurants, cafés, and other facilities, under the common name of Excalibur City , welcomes every year almost four million visitors. On the area covering more than one thousand square metres, you can choose anything from the inexhaustible source of foods, beverages, cigarettes, jewellery, fashion accessories, cosmetics, perfumes, sweets or electronics.

In the same place you can find also the outlet shopping centre Freeport. There are tens of shops offering over two hundred last season' s fashion trade marks. An assortmentř concetrates mainly on ladies', gentlemen' s, and children' s fashion, sport clothing, footwear, household appliances, and gift goods. 

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